consumptionof alcool i.q. depression correlation with depression correlation with i.q. cynicism i.q. depression antisocialbehavior i.q. depression anxiety i.q. depression
effort success expectedoutcome actualdata
duration ofthe date how self conscious i feel “stop staringand thinkof somethingto say.” i talk “well done...i really shouldhave kept mymouth shut!”
getting older growing up theory data
how long i keepromanticizing my ex how society sees me regularsad patheticsad how i see myself greek tragedysad
how awkward it is whenyou see someone in person how much you know aboutthem from social media
time in the gym intensity of physical activity for most people exercise rest for me
how much crying thereis in the shrink’s office how fucked up you are snot bubbles(single serving) the therapiststarts crying too
motivation to stick to resolution 8am midnight 8am sleep
time how good i was told it would feel exercising how i actually feel
1820 2020 extreme poverty 100% basic education child mortality vaccination
knowledge hope as an idealist stupid optimistic as a pessimist naive bitter as a scientist hesitant cautious why everybody thinksthey’re being realistic
practice of skill mastery of skill mastery ability toprogress quickly ability to progress time nedded tocomplete task time needed how much iprocrastinate procrastination how muchpractice i get
how easy it isto fall asleep in a hammock in a bed on a chair in ameeting room
heat efforts madeto cool down take a coldshower design an air con systemout of fans & ice cubes just lie nakedon your bed
months spentexercising difficulty reward my usualstopping point
time effort deadline normal person procrastinator me
acting abilities success hollywood world cup
knowledgeof the world love for the world love for society
denial of reality ability to function
remaining years maldives 100 great barrier reef 100 venice 70 the dead sea 50 the alp’s glaciers 40 madagascar’s forests 35 congo’s rainforest 25
you’re selfish” become moreindependant owe less toeveryone notice lesseveryone’sfeelings
age reason to domost things to prove you can do stuff to prove you can still do stuff
days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 memory standard forgetting curve (ebbinghaus, 1885) 100% 50% first repetition of learning process second review
age age at which men look best to women age at which women look best to men
time how much i agree with one ofa bunch of competing ideas stubbornnessthreshold
duration of amazon delivery excitement upon reception a gift from yourpast self!
thingsthat areperfect humanendeavors pure coincidences only
intimacy # of barriers uncovered
y x linear regression alternative facts
availabilityof porn # of rapes
how damaging i thinkthe behavior is how willing i am toengage in a behavior driving a car killingpeople eatingmeat
who youare howyouact the only thingpeople will everknow about you
whati wantto be whatyouare insecurity whati want whatyouhave envy whati have whatyouhave possessiveness whati need whatyouhave lacking jealousy
stress feelstressed stresshormone immuneresponse neurodegeneration sleepdeprivation physicalinactivity less brainpower dysfunctionalbehavior economicstatus socialisolation stressrelateddiseases poorhealth diseaserelatedstress chronicillness negativerepresentations biasedperceptions rumination physicalhealth depression starts here and here and here and here and here
age responsibilities magnitude of hangovers
time skill in a domain awareness of specific detail
productivity breadthof focus “micro details” “big picture” tweakingeveryavailablesettings anxietyoverexisentialcrisis
when you forget someone’s name be honest& ask them wait for someoneelse to call them
tightly knit cold feeling sweaters communities
grossdomesticproduct income inequality everyoneis poor industrials got rich trickle downeconomics kuznet’s wave
faith in humanity time politicalevents
somethingi can do doability doability done by others done by others uniqueness uniqueness worth somethingi can do worth
how many issues you have # of peoplewilling totalk to you lovers therapists
amount of stuff that should logicallybe left to pack when moving house time and amount actually left
how wespend ourtime age 20 40 60 80 sports household chores leisure TV & computer work
goodness in your life expectationsabout life happy sad epicureannirvana naivemisery
cynicism how profound you sound extreme partypolitics teenagenihilism nietzsche buddhistmonk
firstimpression enjoymentof firstconversation enjoymentof firstconversation desire totalk more desire totalk more awkwardnessof first date awkwardnessof first date likelihood ofhaving a relationship where youwant toend up
intensityof feelings you meeta few times they growon you you likeeachother you getbored symmetry ofa relationship time you fightmore & more break-up regrets those badnights
age uniqueness of yourset of concepts commonconcepts depth ofconversations age likelihood of havingdeep conversations
working sleeping eating timemysteriouslymissing
how good you sayyou are doing how good you’reactually doing
# of liesyou tell age how big yourlies are age age importance of your lies
whatyouknowabout whatwouldmake youupset source of all true rage
% of your life ayear represents age are the next holidaysever gonna come? wait... how oldam i already?
time understandingof a concept 100% regular progress someone givesa name to it
predictibilityof melody enjoyabilityof song individualdependantcutoff point personal favorite song safe zone ofminimum enjoyabilityfor maximal audience
i feelso lucky “stop it withyour fakemodesty.” i make myown luck “don’t beso full ofyourself.” there’s nosuch thingas success “don’t youcare aboutanything?” i am sodepressed you should justappreciate howlucky you are.”
i’m happy i dream i makeplans i lookforwardto things planschange life is sorandom happinessstarts here
listening talking
offensive true comfortable truth offensive true uncomfortable truth offensive true politically correct offensive true politics offensive true regular douche offensive true internet douche
guess moveforward life
what iwant to dowith you what youcan dowith me my ideaof our idealrelationship what ican dowith you what youwant to dowith me your ideaof our idealrelationship our relationship
knowledge of a thing ability to repair it toilets relationships
normality risk baby boomers millennials
when i can’t hear someone tell them icouldn’t hear laugh and hope itwasn’t a question
elapsed timesince break-up % of romanticization of relationship but i love you” “i hateyou” “it was nice though”
what iwant what ihave what iused to want
time global temperatures my lifespan my lifespan life satisfaction perceived correlation: r = 0
how much i’m willing to pay to know things to forget things
the fine line between to beshy to regularly findyourself in asituation whereyou feel shy
how muchi know expertise expertise how much morei realize thereis to know % i think i know = knowledge acquired knowledge missing expertise
happiness time happiness as seenfrom up there happiness as seenfrom down here
whatyou are what youwant to be what matters
the fine line between under-confidence over-confidence
materialism how much your life costs how much money you have point ofneverendingfrustration
# of people withyour problem shame
spring summer autumn winter happiness
poverty crime crime house values house values property tax property tax education funding education poverty
love of self love of others
present future
length of relationship time it takes to... make a big mistake fix a big mistake
harm causedby break-up length ofrelationship probability ofbreaking up length of relationship potential harm = probability × harm cumulative happiness from relationship zero-sumrelationship
# of choices chance of gettinganything done
spoken words comfort
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all the books, movies, articles... in the world everything that would completely change your wayof seeing things and make your whole life better everything you’ll read / watch in your lifetime
how long it takes to digest how good it is for you vegetables truth
sense of self worth image of own body esteem for someone image of their body
how much youmake excuses how much you screw up
times a story is told closeness to original story urbanlegends socialpsychologyfindings
headhitspillow alarmclockrings thoughts item #1 to #4 on todo-list need to pee actualsleeptime the most recent break-up top ranking shameful memory sex & flying unicorns
pain felt emotions expressed
# of items on todo list× how long they’ve been on it how much i feel i havecontrol over my life
age reasons to be ina relationship discovering love, sex & selflessness loneliness, sex & guilt validity of reasons
how many chopsticks camewith your chinese food for one shame
comfy fits well looks good grandma’sknittedsweater first promtuxedo runwaymodels’dresses
time how okay i am someone asksme if i’m okay
attractiveness of partner expected enjoyment of sex actual enjoyment of sex
age # of naps
desire & temptation potential for deception fast-food love
rejection of authority age confidence in wisdom received from a small number of books college
satisfaction success success time time life satisfaction
honesty cruelty
distance fromthe norm how much luck you need to be successful
power over things age responsibilities age life satisfaction = power responsibilities age 20 30 40 50
length of therelationship how much this relationshipseems like a good idea break-up existential loneliness
time investment sadness goodbooks insecurepeople
how far i am from home how far i want to be
competence how high you place the bar perceived competence beginning of“impostersyndrome”
majorsourcesof stress age school money love meaning
sh*t done to you“for your own good” actual good
importance of the lie shame “i did not eat the last chocolate bar”
how long i’m willing towait for the elevator how much of my life i have already invested in waiting for said elevator get out while you still can!
age how adult i feel (how much my age means i’m an adult)
clothes cycle during week 1 on body laundrybasket washerand dryer closet week 2 week 3 week 4 floor and start over...
how i thought my financial situation would go how my financial situation is going
how far ahead i think i can plan my life age college
length of vacation how well i can do my job on my first day back
cuteness unethicalness of eating it pigs obesekoalabears
amount of money wage distribution enjoyment from job
ability to sleep desire tofall asleep
time happiness time expectations time
time work work on a task automate task with code temporaryhard work automationtakes over free timeforever ... theory reality bug #1 bug #2 no time to ever finish task...
how much money i have how much money i desire
fulfillment procrastination
time amount of sweat a lot none care factor “f*ck it”
age how much money i’m making
how much iwatch what i eat how comfortablei am with my body
the fine line between stuffyou own stuff thatowns you
days spenton a project estimated time until completion 1 should take acouple of days 2 3 actually, giveme a week 4 5 6 ok, just onemore day 7
money time how i think i budget how i actually budget
beard length efforts required for shaving inflection pointlazy people knowvery well
bad behavior good deeds moral offset are these two positionsethically equivalent ?
not a veryefficient day i’m a little behindon schedule and a littlemore stressed slept alittle less
time toothpaste tube full empty somehow, thisis possible
age how complexsociety seems college i could fixthe system ifonly they’d listen! well...maybe... F*ck it.this sh*t is doomed. retirement
# of pizzas eaten time spent exercising “i earned it” time sitting on the couch “oh screw it”
probability of law being adopted average citizens’ preference economic elites’ preference
how good theymake you feel how good youmake them feel tooselfish hard tosustain balancedrelationships unattainable undesirable
total happiness number of kids individual happiness × population = why kids make you happ happiness
saturday evening sunday how much i think is left in my wallet how much is actually left remorse
feelbad setmeaningfulgoals obsessaboutthem
age 20 25 30 35 sounds great ! going out partying you kidding ?! gettin up nice and early for the market
time how much money i have amount of money that would be sweet to have this tiny life long frustration
time cost strategy a strategy b choosinga strategy
importanceof the problem how many people care coca-colaor pepsi? climate change& revolution good elections(80% turnout) recent elections(50% turnout) which is it?
how good i think i am at something how good i thinkpeople are atsomething how good iactually am
fear hate violence suspicion loathing cruelty dread spite fury brutality hostility menace confusion anxiety angst uproar intimidation revenge coercion resentment despair
specialness of each individual world population you you next year
perceived time before the week end m t w t f
productivity all the people in the world me
things you know about how much you know normal life academia
going out drinking on a wednesday is... m t w t f s s a great idea !!! a really bad idea
how good ofa person i am how many peopleare watching i’m me i’m no one
energy distractions time ofthe day area wherework is actuallypossible
how much i care how i look how fat i think i am f*ck it
productivity time 8am 12pm 8pm this because of that
kindness i.q.